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The Texas Lawyer Referral Service, or TxLRS, is Certified by the State Bar of Texas.

TxLRS is one of the only certified lawyer referral services in Texas that operates for individuals who need legal representation.  We are a Houston lawyer referral service that provides lawyer referrals to people who need help.

There are many situations where hiring a lawyer is in your best interests. Chances are if you think you might need a particular lawyer, it’s a good idea to at least contact one to see if he or she can help. If you feel that you can’t afford a lawyer, TxLRS has a program that may help you.

Houston Texas Lawyer Referral Service

We can refer you to experienced lawyers in Houston and all of Texas.  Whether you need a Houston personal injury lawyer for your auto accident injury or slip and fall, we have you covered. Furthermore,  if you are going through a divorce and need assistance with a Texas child custody lawyer, we can provide you with qualified referrals. Also, do you need a Houston business law attorney?  Moreover, we can refer you to Texas lawyers for all of your legal needs. We have access to refer you to local attorneys in your area and the practice area that you are seeking assistance with.

TxLRS Can Refer You to Texas Lawyers in All Practice Areas

TxLRS covers all areas of law, including Divorce, Child Custody, Immigration, and Personal Injury.  In addition, other practice areas include Criminal Defense, Car Accidents, DUI & DWI, and much more.

The Texas Lawyer Referral Service is a non-profit community service program.  We are a Houston lawyer referral service.  Furthermore,  we provide referrals to people all over Texas.

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TxLRS is currently available to individuals with a case or legal matter in the Great Houston Metropolitan Texas area. We offer the Best Houston Lawyer Referral Service throughout the City of Houston and Harris County, Texas.

This service is certified as a lawyer referral service as required by the State of Texas under Chapter 952, Occupations Code.

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