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Tax law is a dynamic field where attorneys deal with domestic and international transactions.  Moreover, experts in tax law have to have continuing education to stay on top of all of local, state and federal regulations.  Houston tax law attorneys can help you reduce fiscal liabilities and advise you on proper tax laws for Texas.  Also, Houston tax law attorneys can protect your business by recommending how to handle your tax law matters.  Ask to speak to Houston tax law lawyers by filling out the form on this page.

Houston Tax Lawyers Explain What Tax Law Is?

Houston Tax Law Lawyers

Texas Tax law deals with the rules and regulations that govern the taxes. Tax law deals with personal tax planning, and business entities throughout the lifetime of the business. It begins with the formation of the business, capital markets transactions to fund it, acquisition or partial or full sale of the company.  Furthermore, any activity that impacts the economic outlook.

Tax lawyers often focus in a specific area including corporate tax, international tax, partnership tax, tax litigation, and state and local tax.  Also, tax lawyers can focus on personal tax, estate planning, tax-exempt organizations, and executive compensation.  Furthermore, benefits including The Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA) pension funding and administration.

What Services Do Houston Tax Law Attorneys Provide?

Houston Tax Law Attorneys

Depending on many different factors, a tax attorney may be involved in creating, analyzing, and starting complicated tax transactions.  They also may counsel clients on the tax results of specific operations.  Furthermore, they can help keep track of new and old tax legislation.

They are also responsible for explaining tax implications to clients.  Sometimes tax matters are more difficult to resolve.  Did you know that transactional work can include cross-border transactions and M&A support?  Furthermore, it may consist of real estate transactions including REITs, and mutual fund work. Texas Tax litigation may be in Tax Court, Federal District Court or the Court of Federal Claims.

Tax attorneys are employed in large law firms, boutique tax firms, accounting firms, and federal and state government agencies.  Houston tax law lawyers can also be used by nonprofit organizations, corporations, and tax courts.  Clients can vary from individuals, public and private companies, governments, non-profits, educational and healthcare organizations.  Furthermore, Houston tax law attorneys also work with private foundations and trade associations. The IRS has provided minimum Tax Law Questions online or contact us with questions.

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