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Do you have questions about Texas gun possession laws? Were you arrested for gun possession in Houston, Texas? Knowledgeable Houston gun possession lawyers can answer all of your questions.

Every state has different laws regarding firearms and guns.  In Texas, there is no waiting period to purchase a firearm.  Furthermore, state registration is not required in Texas.  If you are buying a gun from someone else, you still do not need to register it per the current Texas state laws.  Gun control laws can change at any time; therefore, it is advisable to consult Houston gun possession lawyers to stay out of trouble.

Purchasing a firearm in Texas does require a valid Texas state ID or drivers license.  If you plan on carrying your gun with you; you need to obtain a concealed handgun license.

Houston Gun Possession Lawyers Discuss Carrying a Gun in Your Car

Many Texans reserve the right to carry firearms and guns in their vehicle for safety purposes.  If you choose to carry a gun in your car, you should also know what the laws are about possession of a firearm.  The motorist protection act allows drivers in Texas to carry a handgun in their vehicle, as long as it is concealed.  Furthermore, this law also will enable them to keep the gun loaded and within reach (as long as it is not in plain sight).

Arrested for Gun Possession in Houston? Houston Gun Possession Attorneys Can Help You

If you were arrested for gun possession in Houston, Texas, consult Houston gun possession lawyers as soon as possible. Also, if you wait to speak to a Texas gun possession lawyer, you may be facing trouble with the law.

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