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Civil rights and civil liberties lawyers work in areas of the law that typically fall under the first amendment right to free expression, assembly, and religion (civil liberties), and under fourteenth amendment equal protection (civil rights).  Houston civil rights lawyers share a commitment to creating a just society through legal means.  Civil rights lawyers work on a variety of issues from lobbying for civil rights recognition in the judiciary to litigation-based civil rights advocacy.  Houston civil rights attorneys work for domestic and international non-profit organizations, federal, state, local and international government agencies and public interest law firms with specialty civil rights practices.

Civil rights law strives to balance competing interests between institutions of government as well as groups of individuals. Lawyers who practice civil rights law in Houston are equipped to handle cases involving discrimination and unfair practices.  Especially those that infringe on rights and liberties such as expression, employment, housing, education, or other entitlements.

Learn More About Houston Civil Rights Law & Basic Constitutional Rights of U.S. Citizen

Houston civil rights attorneysOur civil liberties are all about freedom. It determines what you, yourself are free to do and what the government cannot do to interfere with your freedom. Your civil rights protect you from unfair treatment under that law. Civil liberties are those inalienable liberties in the U.S. Constitution. You have the right of life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness.

Houston Civil Rights Law: Right to Life

Right to life is the matter of you being alive every day and able to breathe. Choosing a career that’s right for you, making life decisions of your choice. You can marry, stay single, or even have children if that’s want you want as your personal decision. It’s all up to you!

Houston Civil Rights Law: Right to Hold Property

The government has no reason to give you property and choose where you live. You have the right to earn income and spend it however you like. In normal cases, the government cannot take something away from you if you own it. Exceptions include gain the property illegally or file bankruptcy.

Houston Civil Rights Lawyers Discuss Right to Liberty

Definition of liberty literally means freedom. The constitutional civil liberty to freedom allows you to live your life free of government control besides paying for taxes and obeying the law. You also have the right to make up your own mind and decisions regarding issues, including those that affect the country as a whole.

Houston Civil Rights Attorneys Explain Pursuit of Happiness

Happiness gives you the freedom to pursue choices that give you satisfaction, pleasure, and self-fulfillment as long as you don’t hurt others and break the law. You do not have to give up your happiness for the good of your country. Live your happy life with enjoyment.

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