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There are many reasons a truck wreck may occur.  The truck driver may have been distracted, or the roads may have been icy.  There is even a possibility that the truck driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  You may need to retain a Houston truck wreck lawyer that can handle your case.   Truck wreck claims need to be filed against the trucking company that owns the vehicle.  The claim cannot be filed upon the truck driver but instead has to go through the company that is responsible for the trucking company.  A experienced truck wreck attorney can represent you in your case if you have been injured in a truck wreck in Texas.

Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer

A Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer Can Handle All Aspects of Your Case

Truck Wreck Lawyers and attorneys can help establish liability for your crash and collect evidence to strengthen your claim.  They can also help ensure that compensation is sought from the appropriate parties. Lawsuits filed to recover compensation for injuries sustained in a truck accident will often be based the truck driver’s negligence.

Many Texas semi-truck crashes could be avoided if the 18-wheeler trucks were properly serviced, and if drivers and trucking companies adhered to the regulations that the law dictates. There are rules written by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) that regulate the semi-truck and 18-wheeler trucking industry, and include:

  • -Limiting the length of driving time allowed for each 18-wheeler truck driver
  • -Driving logs that are properly maintained and signed by each driver
  • -How a driver is supposed to respond in case of an accident
  • -Keeping truck maintenance logs
  • -Loading of trucks to maintain proper balance in the trailer of the truck

Involved in a Truck Wreck? A Houston Truck Wreck Lawyer Can Help You

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