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Legal malpractice is a breach of contract by an attorney that causes harm to his or her client.  It can also be related to breach of contract in other situations.  In any business situation, you must be able to prove that there was a breach of contract.  You must also be able to prove that you did indeed have an attorney-client relationship.  Furthermore, if you have questions regarding legal malpractice, contact Houston legal malpractice lawyers today.

Houston Legal Malpractice Attorneys Explain Common Situations in Legal Malpractice in Texas

Has legal malpractice in a business transaction caused you lots of damages? Also, has an attorney violated his or her duty owed to you per the contract?

Consult Houston Malpractice Lawyers for Guidance

Houston Legal Malpractice Lawyers can guide you on how to protect yourself from the negligence of your former lawyer. People have the right to sue their lawyer for negligent business practices.

Houston Legal Malpractice Attorneys Explain Professional Malpractice

Professional malpractice may occur when a business professional fails to meet the expected degree of expertise or attention in handling business.  The business professional may be a lawyer, doctor, dentist, accountant, or a financial industry professional.  Carelessness in handling business the right way may result in a lawsuit against the firm professional.

The type of acts that lawyers can be sued for can be related to fraud, breach of mandatory duty or breach of contract.  If you are not sure if a lawyer was in violation of a legal agreement, you can consult a Houston legal malpractice lawyer that can evaluate your case.

Failing to know or apply the law is the Most Common Legal Malpractice Claims.

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