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Houston Speeding Ticket Lawyers

Speeding tickets are  the most common moving violations whether you were charged under an “absolute,” “presumed,” or “basic” speed law.  Because each type of speed-limit violation often requires a unique defense, it is key to speak to one of our Houston speeding ticket lawyers. Our Houston speeding ticket attorneys can guide you in the right direction.

Houston Speeding Ticket Lawyers Discuss “Absolute” Speed Law in Texas

Most states have an “absolute” speed law which means that if you go even 1 mile over the speed limit, you have violated the law.

Houston Speeding Ticket Attorneys Discuss “Presumed” Speed Limit Violations

Presumed. “Presumed” speed-limit violations are a little more complicated.   However, they give you far more flexibility in building your defense. In states that use this system for all or some of their roads such as Texas, it is legal to drive over the posted limit as long as you are driving safely. For example, if you are driving 50 mph in a 40-mph zone, you are “presumed” to be speeding.

Houston Speeding Ticket Attorneys

Basic. The concept of the basic speed law is even trickier. It works like this: In all states you can be charged with speeding by violating the “basic” speed law, even if you were driving below the posted speed limit. The ticketing officer must determine that you were going faster than you should have been, while into account the driving conditions at the time.  The basic type of ticket is usually handed out after an accident has occurred.

If you choose to fight a citation and end up losing, a guilty verdict might be used against you in a civil lawsuit.  The key to a successful outcome is having well qualified Houston Speeding Ticket Lawyers fighting your case at your side. You may also appeal or pay your ticket online: Houston Ticket Payments.

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