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If you are considering divorce, contact TxLRS today for a free consultation with one of our Houston divorce lawyers.  Texas divorce attorneys can answer all of your questions regarding the divorce process.   Furthermore, we can refer you to experienced Houston divorce attorneys who can handle all aspects of divorce law.

What Service Do Houston Divorce Lawyers Provide?

Texas divorce lawyers can help you end a marriage and handle all the challenging aspects of divorce.  Divorce lawyers have expertise in child custody, child access, child visitation,  and parenting plans.   They can also handle Pro Bono divorce, conservatorship, and division of assets/property.

Divorce Defined by Houston Divorce Attorneys

Houston Divorce LawyersDivorce means that legally want to end your marriage.

Many states refer to it as Dissolution of Marriage.

In some cases, both parties agree to the divorce, and this allows the courts to offer a quick and easy divorce.  Also, this allows some people to do so without legal representation, whereas; others need representation.

Furthermore, couples that cannot come to any agreements regarding divorce matters will see a delay in divorcing.

These couples will have no choice but to find a Houston divorce attorney who can represent them in and outside of court.

What is Houston Divorce law?

Divorce law deals with ending your marriage, child custody and visitation matters, paternity, and spousal support.  Furthermore, it is essential to understand that the laws and procedures can vary significantly from state to state.

Divorce Law includes the following topics and legal areas:

  1. Child Support: A determination of the monetary obligation parents have for their minor children. It also addresses medical and health insurance coverage, school expenses and the like.
  2. Child Custody and Visitation: will the child reside full-time or part-time with each parent? What will the visitation schedules be?  Holiday schedules?
  3. Spousal Support/Alimony/Maintenance:  The court will determine which spouse will have to pay support to the other spouse.  The type of support, as well as the amount of support, will depend on many factors.
  4. Division of Property and Debt: Whether a state is a “community-property state” or an “equitable distribution state” is a significant factor in determining what is marital property and what is separate property, and how property and debts will be distributed in a divorce proceeding. Other factors, such as spousal support and child support often come into play as well.
  5. Separation: there are different state requirements and laws on how long a couple has to be separated before filing for divorce.  In some states, a six month separation period is required.  Consult Houston divorce lawyers regarding Texas divorce law.

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