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Pro bono lawyers volunteer their time to help those in need of legal assistance.  They volunteer their time. However, they do not charge a fee for their time.  Most states offer free legal aid if you cannot afford to hire a lawyer.  In addition, the American Bar association promotes lawyers to do around 50 hours of pro bono work every year.  Texas lawyers were honored for their pro bono work by the Dallas bar association. If you are unable to afford a lawyer in Texas and need legal assistance, contact Houston Pro Bono Lawyers today.

What Qualifications Are Usually Required to Get a Houston Pro Bono Attorneys?Houston pro bono lawyers

The criteria that will be a deciding factor is that a person’s combined household income has to be less than 125% of the federal poverty level.

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Work With Houston Pro Bono Lawyers

Gather and all documentation that may be important to your case.  Also, if you have images that support your argument, organize them in a folder so that you can quickly send them to your lawyer.  For some reason, if you don’t have the exact date and time of incidents that occurred, do some investigating and try to piece information together to have an accurate timeline of events.

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