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Do you have specific questions about estate planning laws in Texas? Houston estate planning lawyers can help you to protect what happens to your property and taxes if you pass away.  Estate planning helps to monitor that your property goes to the people that you want it to go.  Houston estate planning attorneys can assist you with living wills, the probate process in Texas courts, and durable powers of attorney. Furthermore, they can help you with having a better understanding of estate planning laws and estate taxes.

Why Can a Will Be Useful in Texas?

Have you ever considered getting a will?  If not, it may help to know more about wills in Texas.  A will documents and controls what happens to your property after you pass away.   Moreover, it can give instructions on who will care for your children and serve as legal guardians.  There is usually an executor of a will; who determines how and when to pay and distribute assets and bills.

Houston Estate Planning Lawyers Can Educate You on the Probate Process in Texas

Even though it may be possible to avoid the probate process in Texas, your estate may be subject to probate. It may be easier to prevent probate based on specific reasons.  Some reasons include: if property passes to a spouse if the wealth has already been distributed via trusts or property transfers.  In addition, joint ownership or payable on death accounts are also possible ways to avoid probate.

Houston Estate Lawyers Discuss Power of Attorney

It is essential to realize the importance of power of attorney.  Giving someone power of attorney to handle your matters is a personal decision. You need to think carefully before granting power of attorney.   You are also able to have a medical power of attorney.   Appointing a power of attorney will allow someone to make decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so.  It is best to pick someone that you trust and feel that is best suited to make life-changing decisions.  Also, if you are not sure about the decision, take some time to figure out what is best for you and your family.

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