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Family law lawyers focus on legal matters between individuals in the context of the family. Lawyers in this field typically work in smaller firms and specialize in a variety of areas ranging from child welfare, through adoption, to divorce. Marriage, child abuse, legitimacy, civil unions, domestic partnerships are among the leading practice areas of a family lawyers’ practice.

Houston Family law lawyers handle a variety of issues including divorce, custody, child support, prenuptial agreements, guardianship, adoptions, and estate planning.  In additional to traditional legal skills, family law often requires attorneys to be very comfortable with negotiation and counseling.  The majority of private practice family law lawyers work in small law firms.  Although, some large law firms will have methods dealing with matrimonial law or wealth management for high net worth individuals.

In the public sector, family law sometimes requires state involvement – for example, child welfare or juvenile delinquency.  Family law attorneys in the general area usually work in legal services or for a public defender.

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Houston Family Law Attorneys Explain Family Law


Houston family law attorneys

Family law deals with statutes and case precedents that govern the legal responsibilities of people who share are related by blood or marriage.  Due to the emotions running high in family law cases, people are strongly advised to retain legal counsel.  Contact one of our Houston family law attorneys today for a consultation.

The vast majority of family law proceedings come about as a result of the termination of a marriage or romantic relationship. Family law attorneys help their clients file for separation or divorce, alimony, and child custody, visitation, and support. Spouses married may seek an annulment, and exclusive rights can exist between same-sex couples. The division of property at the end of marriage is also a standard issue in family law cases.

Houston Family Law Lawyers Discuss Prenups & Assets

Concerning property division at the time of divorce, every state has a  set of laws in place to determine the rights of the parties. However, couples who do not agree with the default rules in their state can “opt-out” by hiring a lawyer to draft a prenuptial agreement. Absent fraud or coercion, courts will enforce these premarital contracts upon divorce, and distribute property and financial support as they see fit.

Texas Family law also involves the protecting the rights of those physically and emotionally abused in a family setting. The potential for domestic violence is not limited to relationships between current or former spouses and their children. Judges will not hesitate to assert their power to protect an elderly family member, a relationship partner, or even a roommate. When reports of abuse are made, the court will typically issue a restraining order to prevent further contact.

Hire Experienced Houston Family Law Lawyers for Your Case

In a contested family law case, most people understand that hiring an experienced Houston family law attorney will provide many advantages. Your attorney can help determine which assets or income the other party is trying to hide.  Furthermore, they can present arguments on your behalf regarding child support and visitation.   Also, they can take the case to trial if both parties cannot come to a settlement. Retaining an attorney is just as crucial in uncontested cases. Without it, an individual is at risk and can unknowingly waive valuable their legal rights.

Parental Rights and Obligations

family law attorney in texasThe issue of child custody is the most common dispute in family court.  Of course, parents are extremely concerned with the safety, education, and overall well-being of their children. Custody decisions become even more difficult following a divorce or breakup.  It is because parents tend to be distrustful of each other during this time.

Regardless, judges will always decide custody based on “the best interests of the child.”

The court can assign legal and physical custody to one parent, to do the right thing for the children. Also, these rights can be shared.

A typical schedule would allow the child to spend weekends, summers, and alternating holidays with the non-custodial parent.

Furthermore, both parents would have an equal say in major decisions impacting the child. When approving a custody schedule, the court will do what it can to avoid unnecessary disruptions to the child’s life.

Houston Family Law Lawyers Discuss Child Support Calculations in Texas

All parents should provide financial support for their children. The amount of support ordered in a case will be calculated according to the applicable state laws. Most states have a child support worksheet that helps simplifies the task. The calculation will take into account the incomes of the parents as well as other considerations.  Other factors may include the cost of health insurance for the child; support paid for other children by the non-custodial parent and more.

Houston Family Law Attorneys Explain Modifications

Custody and support orders are subject to modification.  Moreover, family law attorneys spend much of their time representing clients in modification proceedings. To modify a child support order, the party requesting the change must prove that the situation has changed since the court order.  Some examples of new circumstances include loss of employment, moving, a parent becoming disabled, etc.

A Family Law Lawyer in Texas Discusses Other Issues in Family Law

Family law cases may also involve other issues. Establishing (or disproving) paternity is a hot legal topic.  However, now that courts can order DNA testing, it is easier to prove paternity.

Other issues include the grandparent’s rights, termination of parental rights, adoption, gay and LGBT relations. Family law in the 21st century is changing very quickly, making it more critical than ever to seek legal advice from a savvy attorney.

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