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Oil and Gas Law deals with the acquisition and ownership rights in oil and gas.  It involves both under the soil before discovery and after its capture, and adjudication regarding those rights.

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In the United States, oil and gas are often owned privately; whereas, by the national government in other countries. Houston Oil and gas law attorneys may be able to fight and win these cases depending on the amount of evidence.

The minerals underneath the surface are also owned by the property owner.   Except when the minerals are severed under a preceding deed or an agreement. The two conflicting legal doctrines covering oil and gas extraction are the rule of capture, and the correlative rights doctrine.  Refined hydrocarbons that escape into the ground are not subject to the law of capture, unless evidence shows that the refiner abandoned them.

Houston Oil and Gas Law Lawyers Explain a Oil & Gas Lease

Houston Oil and Gas Law Lawyers

Oil and gas producing companies do not always own the land they drill on.  In most cases, the company leases the mineral rights from the owner.  The important aspects of  a lease include the description of the property, the term (duration), and the payments to the lessor. Government agencies and state oil and gas conservation commissions, such as the Texas Railroad Commission</a?, have developed conservation laws which regulate extraction by individual owners to protect the rights of the mineral owners and to prevent economic and physical waste.

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