TxLRS can refer you to Texas lawyers and attorneys who are skilled in all of the topics below:

Administrative Law — Do you need assistance with government benefits or social security?

Admiralty / Maritime Law — Do you have questions about admiralty and maritime law?

Adoption Lawyers — If you need assistance with adoption in Texas, we can refer you to Houston adoption lawyers.

Bankruptcy Lawyers — Whether you are facing personal bankruptcy or your business is facing bankruptcy.  We have the resources to refer you to top Houston bankruptcy attorneys.

Board Certified Lawyers — If you have a complicated legal matter, Houston board certified lawyers are experienced in handling all types of cases.  Houston board certified lawyers have fulfilled Texas state requirements to be board certified.

Business Lawyers — If you need assistance with drafting or reviewing legal or business contracts, get a referral to Houston business lawyers today.

Car Wreck Lawyers — Were you involved in a car wreck in Texas? Houston car wreck attorneys can help you get justice for your injury.

Child Custody Lawyers — Need assistance with child custody matters in Texas? We can connect you with Houston Child Custody Lawyers who can assist you in getting the more amount of time with your children.

Child Support Lawyers — Part of dealing with a divorce is also having to deal with child support.  Houston child support lawyers can guide you in the right direction and answer your child support questions.

Child Visitation Lawyers — Need assistance with child visitation in Texas? Request referrals to Houston child visitation lawyers.

Civil Lawyers — If you have a civil case that involves an accident, injury, wrongful death, where harm was caused to an individual, or that involves money matters, then you need a civil lawyer from Texas Lawyer Referral Service.

Civil Rights Lawyers — If you have questions about your rights in Texas or your civil rights, contact Texas Lawyer Referral Service.

Consumer Protection Attorneys — Make sure your rights are protected and learn how to handle creditors who harass you.

Contingency Lawyers — Are you seeking a law firm that can handle your case on a contingency fee basis?

Criminal Defense Lawyers — Have you been accused of a crime in Texas? Houston criminal defense lawyers can help you with your defense.

Deportation Lawyers — Are you potentially facing deportation in Texas? Houston deportation lawyers know the latest immigration laws.

Disability Lawyers — Do you have questions about disability law in Texas? We can refer you to Houston disability lawyers that can answer your questions.

Discrimination Lawyers — Were you discriminated by your employer?

Divorce Lawyers — Are you filing for divorce in Texas?

Drug Possession Lawyers — Arrested for Drug Possession or suspicion of drugs?

DUI and DWI Lawyers — Were you pulled over by police for a DUI/DWI in Texas?

Elder / Senior Law Attorney — Want to help seniors with legal matters?

Employment / Labor Law Lawyers — Do you have questions about filing a lawsuit against your employer?

Entertainment/Sports Lawyers — Are you an athlete or celebrity that needs legal representation?

Environmental Law Lawyers — Need help handling environmental law matters in Houston?

Estate Planning Lawyers — Ensure that your family’s estate is handled appropriately.

Family Law Lawyers — Do you need help with divorce, child custody, paternity, or child support?

Fathers Rights Lawyers — Are you a father who wants the best for your children?

Foreclosure Lawyers — Questions about the foreclosure process?

Health Care Lawyers — Was the proper care given at a medical center? Moreover, was a health care provider negligent in their actions?

Housing Lawyers — Do you have an issue with your landlord in Houston or any part of Texas?

Immigration Lawyers — Do you need help with visas? Furthermore, do you need a work visa?

Incorporation Lawyers — Do you need advice on the best structure for your business?

Intellectual Property Lawyers — It is essential to protect your ideas and designs.  In addition, find out if your idea is worth protecting.

International Law Lawyers — Need assistance with international business law matters?

Landlord Tenant Lawyers — Find out if the Texas law is on your side regarding your Landlord-Tenant issue.

Legal Malpractice Lawyers — Did you have an unpleasant experience with a law firm that was negligent in handling your case?

Litigation Lawyers — Sometimes litigation is the only option, find out what choices you have.

Mediators and Mediation Lawyers — Mediation can save you costly litigation fees.

Medical Malpractice Lawyers — Find out if you have a case against a medical practitioner or hospital.

Oil and Gas Lawyers — Need assistance with oil and gas matters or maritime law?

Personal Injury Lawyers — Did you know that you may be able to be compensated for your injury? Also, you may be able to receive compensation for your medical bills.

Pro Bono Lawyers — Find out if you qualify for pro bono help.

Probate Lawyers — If you have a probate issue, contact Texas Lawyer Referral Service right away.

Real Estate Lawyers — Do you have real estate law questions? Do you need help with a real estate closing for your new home?

Social Security Lawyers — Do you need assistance with legal matters pertaining to social security?

Speeding Ticket Lawyers — Have you been pulled over for speeding? Moreover, have received a ticket for speeding?

Tax Attorneys — Do you have tax law questions about your business? Furthermore, do you want to make sure you are aware of the latest tax laws in your state?

Traffic Ticket Lawyers — Have you received a traffic ticket you want to fight?

Truck Wreck Lawyers — Were you or a loved one involved in a truck wreck that left people injured?

Wrongful Death — Do you believe that a family member’s death was caused by someone else’s negligence?

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