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Intellectual Property law, also known as IP law, focuses on protecting the rights of inventors, authors, and businesses to their tangible and intangible creations, inventions and symbols.  Legal professionals in this field are often experts in a particular domain, such as science, the arts, or industry. For example, trademark or copyright attorneys manage the legal aspects of contracts, visual identity, brand names, or logos, or slogans. Technological advances, especially in digital reproduction and transmission, make it easy for people to steal other people’s ideas and intellectual property.  Contact Houston intellectual property law attorneys for more information.

Houston Intellectual Property Lawyers Explain  Intellectual Property Law?

Intellectual Property law deals with laws to protect and enforce rights of the creators and owners of inventions, writing, music, designs and other works, known as the “intellectual property.” There are several areas of intellectual property including copyright, trademarks, patents, and trade secrets.

Intellectual Property Law Attorneys Share Meanings of IP Law Words

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Trademark law protects a word, phrase, symbol or design that an entity uses to identify its product or service. Examples are Dunkin Donuts orange and pink sausage style lettering, Apple’s apple logo, and Adidas’ three stripes. Also, trademark owners can prevent others from using their marks.

Federal and state laws govern trademarks, but the Lanham Act is the primary source of trademark protection. These laws protect against infringement and dilution.

The person to use the trademark first who can prove usage has the upper hand.  Furthermore, the person to be the first to register the trademark with the US Patent & Trademark Office will be at an advantage.

Patent law grants protection for new inventions which can be products, processes or designs.  It also provides a mechanism for protection of the invention. The patent law promotes the sharing of new developments with others to foster innovation.

The patent owner has the right to protect others from producing, using, distributing or importing the protected item.

Copyright law protects the rights of creators in their works in fine arts, publishing, entertainment, and IT industry. The laws protect the owner of the work if others copy,  or display the owners work without permission.

Trade secrets are business practices, designs or processes, and formulas used in business.  They may be explicitly designed to provide a competitive advantage to a company.

An example of this is the secret formula for Coca-Cola.  The owner should take appropriate steps should be made to maintain the privacy of trade secrets.

What do Houston Intellectual Property Law Lawyers Do?

The three broadest parts of an intellectual property practice are counseling, protecting and enforcing. Client guidance centers around how best to protect the intellectual property that the client has or would like to develop. In trademark law, the lawyer will conduct searches on trademarks proposed by the client and consult with the client regarding available options.

If a client has already invested time and money and then later finds out that there was prior use; the alternative can be to modify the work.  They may also choose to take a different direction.  It is best to consult Houston Intellectual Property Law Lawyers at this point.

It is essential for Houston intellectual property law lawyers to know how to assess a patent.  Moreover, they must evaluate it for its likelihood of patent infringement.  If you have questions, contact Houston intellectual property law lawyers for assistance.

Houston Intellectual Property Law Attorneys Discuss Protection of Intellectual PropertyHouston Intellectual Property Law Attorneys

Protection of intellectual property involves registering the trademark, patent or copyright to obtain the highest rights of usage. In the case of a trademark or patent, the process consists in preparing and filing an application with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (PTO).

Finally, intellectual property involves protecting the owner of the intellectual property against infringement issues. It later may lead to litigation.

Houston Trademark law Lawyers Review Other Aspects of IP Law

Furthermore, other parts of IP law may include licensing, and due diligence.   It may also include developing strategies for international and domestic intellectual property protection.

A Houston Patent law attorney must have excellent communication skills, both written and oral as well as negotiation skills.  Also, business skills are also necessary.

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