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If you’ve been arrested for Houston DUI (Driving Under the Influence), Houston DWI (Driving While Intoxicated), or another drunk driving offense, you may lose your license, pay hefty fines, or face jail time.

A DUI – DWI attorney may challenge aspects of a DUI – DWI charge, including breathalyzer results, blood tests, and chemical testing procedures.

Consult an Experienced Texas Houston DWI Attorney

If you or a loved one are arrested for DWI, you may need an experienced DWI lawyer Houston. A skilled attorney who specializes in defending DWI cases will evaluate all the evidence, including the procedure and results of any field sobriety and chemical tests, to ensure that your legal rights are protected. Plus it’s important to speak to a lawyer familiar with the laws in your jurisdiction.

Houston DUI Laws

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is not a good practice. First, it is dangerous. Thousands of people are killed each year by drunk drivers, and even more are seriously injured. Second, drunken driving is illegal in all 50 states. This means that even if you are lucky enough to escape from your drunk driving incident without injuring yourself or others, you likely will be charged with a crime. Each state treats drunk driving differently. Sometimes it’s called Houston Driving Under the Influence (DUI), Driving While Intoxicated Houston (DWI), or Operating Under the Influence (OUI).


Below are the state’s BAC limits:
21 years old or older: 0.08%
Commercial drivers: 0.04%
Younger than 21 years old: Any detectable amount.

Texas HoustonDWI Resources

  • DWI Statutes: Driving While Intoxicated (Tex. Pen. Code 49.04); Enhanced DWI Penalties (Tex. Pen. Code 49.09); Administrative Drivers License Suspensions (Tex. Trans. Code 524.022); Ignition Interlock Requirements(Tex. Trans. Code 521.246).
  • DWI Safety Tips – Tips on the dangers and penalties associated with DWI offenses under Texas law (Tex. Dept. of Transportation).
  • DWI Education Program – Details on the required alcohol education following a DWI in Texas (Tex. Dept of State Health Services).


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