Governor Abbott Signs Sweeping Child Welfare Bill

Texas Child Welfare Bill - Governor AbbottGovernor Abbott signed a bill that will change how the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services works with children in danger.  Also, for many months, Governor John Straus and Governor Dan Patrick urged changes in the system.  Newspaper headlines described the child welfare program as having insufficient resources for children in the welfare system.  Furthermore, it stated that children were sleeping in state offices and poor living conditions.

Abbott signed the recently passed bill that came out of the 2017 legislative system.  Moreover, these measures target improvement to Texas’ current child welfare system.  Also, read more in the USA Article, Abbott signs sweeping child welfare overhaul into law.

Governor Abbott Signed Four Bills at The Signing Ceremony

  1. House Bill 4:  $350 a month is allocated to families who are caring for abused and neglected children (relatives or relate to them)
  2. House Bill 5:  this bill makes the Department of Family and Protective Services a separate agency outside of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission
  3. Bill 7:  this bill involves changes with how courts work in conjunction with the state's child welfare agency
  4. Senate Bill 11: it allows the state create a "community-based care" model.  Also, children in foster care and adoption homes receive assistance from non-profit firms.

Texas Child Welfare System Challenges

Child Protective ServicesIt is vital that Texans understand the challenges within the Texas child welfare system.  These problems affect the lives of thousands of Texas Family and their children.  Also, we must put our children first as we seek to balance the assistance of government and the sanctity of the family.  Moreover, the children of Texas are the future of Texas.  In addition, your children are the future of Texas.

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