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Astroworld Festival Ends in Injuries

The Astorwork Festivals was to be a fun event bringing together people after the shutdown from COVID. Unfortunately, it ended in disaster killing several and leaving others with both physical and emotional injuries.

Did You or a Love One Suffer Injuries or Trauma

Did you of a loved one suffer injuries and trauma due to the event at Astroworld Festival o November 5th? Many suffered a physical injury but thousands of others may suffer from the psychological damage or trauma.  You may be entitled to financial compensation.

Get an attorney to evaluate your claim to determine if the event organizers of the Astroworld Festival may be liable.   The events on November 5th and the performance by Travis Scott resulted in crowd surges that crushed audience members where 8 people died.  Reports indicate that Houston Police Chief, Troy Finner, met with the event planner prior to the event.  At that time Chief Finner expressed concerns about the safety of the event.

The Backgroud

The Astroworld Festival held on November 5, 2021, is still under investigation.  Officials are still learning what caused the crowd surge.  This was a general admission event which means there is no assigned seating.  General admission events in the past have had similar problems. In fact, at a previous Travis Scott event, a man fell off a three-story balcony and was paralyzed.   That same year Travis Scott was arrested and charged with inciting a riot when he encouraged attendees to rush the stage.

The fact that once again concert-goers were injured is upsetting.  Event organizers are required to provide for a safe environment and concert-goers have the right to expect a safe environment to enjoy the concert. Organizers are also required to ensure adequate safety and healthcare personnel are available.  When event planners put profit above the safety of fans they need to be held accountable.  It is clear that safety at the Astroworld Festival was not the priority of organizers.

Don’t Wait Too Long to Take Action

Don’t let your injuries or trauma go without determining if you have a right to compensation by event planners.  If you have medical expenses or lost wages from injuries, PTSD, or other pain and suffering, protect yourself and your legal rights and take action.  If you lost a loved one due to these tragic events, take action now.  Find a lawyer that specialized in personal injury and can help you seek compensation.

Find a qualified personal injury attorney to help you exert your rights. Contact us today.

Posted: 12-2-2021

Adoption | Understanding the Lifelog Commitment

Adoption is very is excited. It is an important lifelong commitment to a child.

In the United States, there are 140,000 children adopted annually. This enables children to have the security of a loving and stable home. Whether it is a step-parent adopting a spouse’s child or adopting a new child there are a few things that every parent should know.

“Adoption is a lifelong commitment to another person,” Says Laura Lamminen, Ph.D., lead psychologist at the Rees-Jones Center for Foster Care Excellence at Children’s Health In Dallas.


Adoption and the Nuclear Family

Clearly, It is important to note that the nuclear family has changed. Definitely, it is no longer a married mother and father raising their children. Today the nuclear family is often a blended family or a single-parent household. Moreover, it is no longer limited to married heterosexual couples. Many adoptions result from kinship placements. In addition, there are same-sex couples growing their family. Grandparents, aunts, or uncles take on the responsibility of a family member’s child.

Furthermore, the type of adoption can vary greatly. Historically, most adoptions were closed. At this time, parents are allowing birth parents to continue a relationship with the child through open adoptions. Step-parents are formalizing their role as a parent in blended families. More older children are finding families.

The Process

Types of adoptions include international, open, closed, or step-parent. Costs can vary. Prepared for any fees. Costs can vary from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars.

All adoptions are likely to require a home study to assure the preparedness of the family and home to receive the child. If it is a relative or step-parent adoption an ad litem attorney may be appointed. Unquestionably, the best interest of the child is key. Obviously, termination the biological parental rights are at stake.

Absolutely, the more you know the better prepared you will be to navigate the steps needed to get to the child’s Gotcha Day.

Posted: 6-9-2021
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