Divorce Lawyer

In the event of a divorce and the need for a divorce lawyer, plenty of ads exist. But how do you choose the right one? Ultimately, it is necessary to determine if the divorce lawyer will end up looking out for your best interest or theirs?

What do I look for in a divorce lawyer?

A divorce lawyer is someone that should advocate for you. They should be able to look beyond the emotions of the hurt and disappointment you are feeling. Thus, keep in mind the family code that will govern the rules of your divorce. In addition, your lawyer should be able to calm your fears and ease your stress.

A good divorce lawyer will not prolong your case. They will look to expedite your case. Thus helping you save time and money.

Divorce Lawyer

When children are involved finding an amicable parenting arrangement should be the goal. Not continuing the fight which only causes more harm to the relationship and children.

Does the divorce attorney understand the difference between community property and sole property? Did you inherit that house from your grandmother, and should you be able to keep it?

What is a fair, not necessarily equal, disposition of marital assets? A good divorce attorney will help you determine what is of most value (either financially or emotionally).

Questions to ask when looking for a divorce lawyer?

Find out what type of law the lawyer practices. Ideally, you want not just a family law attorney but one that specializes in divorces. Or maybe you want a Board Certified Family Law Lawyer as they have proven their knowledge in family law, including divorce.

How long have they (themself) been practicing family or divorce law? If they are with a firm, how long have they been with that firm? How long has the firm been in existence?

Look at their web-site or visit during an initial consultation long enough to determine if their values match yours and your needs.

How do they feel about mediation as a method of resolution to contested items? Do they know how to find an opposing party if you have not seen your spouse in some time? Do they think you will need temporary orders? Ask all your questions and make sure you get straight answers.

How will the divorce lawyer charge?

This answer is as varied as the number of divorce lawyers that turn up on your Google search. In general, in Texas, you can expect to pay $260 to $320 per hour for an experienced divorce lawyer. A top-rated lawyer may charge $500 per hour or more. The typical retainer can range from $2,500 to $15,000. Divorce is not an inexpensive endeavor.

Limited-scope representation may be an option for you to save some fees. With this relationship, you and the lawyer will come to an agreement on what the lawyer will handle and what parts of the case you will handle on your own. This may be a good option to look into further.

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